School Uniform


  • Students must be clean and tidy in their dress and no student should enter the school (on class days) unless she wears the complete school uniform.
  • Hair has to be neatly tied up with black ribbons into two plaits, no hair must fall on the forehead. Coloured bands not allowed.
  • Sweater/blazer and scarf must have the student’s name and class marked on them.
  • Every student must wear her ID card to school daily.


A pleated dress consisting of red and white checks, Socks with a red border, black shoes and black ribbons to be worn daily.

In Winter – A chilly red sweater with long sleeves, front opening along with white stockings to be worn.

Class I – X :

Skirt : Royal Blue (J.C.T. Company, Shade No.27) box pleated skirt with blue bloomers.
Blouse : White with a blue collar and school monogram ( Binny’s white terricotton “New Apsara Brand”) and half sleeves.
Shoes & Socks : White socks (Shin length) with light blue lines and black shoes.
Winter : Chilli red sweater with long sleeves, front opening and white stockings and Chilli red blazer with monogram (Blazer available at Amar, Chandidas – Durgapur)
PT Dress : A blue & white checked box pleated skirt, white T-shirt (house wise), white socks, white keds worn on Fridays. (Skirt & T-shirt available at Arihant Cloth Centre, Benachity – Durgapur)
Note: Navy blue shorts or black leggings to be worn along with skirt on days when there is PT, Games, Yoga, Dance and other outdoor activities.

Cl.XI & XII :
A royal blue box pleated skirt and white & blue striped blouse, white socks and black shoes. White stockings and a navy blue blazer with school monogram to be worn in winter. (available at Arihant Cloth Centre, Benachity – Durgapur)