Aims & Objectives

The basic purpose of Carmel School is to render loving service to God, the Church and the Country by educating the young girls of today’s India. The desire to experience and witness God’s all sufficing love, urges the Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel to respond to the needs of our country in ways, which will most effectively bear fruit, for the betterment of society.

Carmel School Aims:

  • To lead our youth towards Truth and Light, through the medium of education, so that they realize that much of our country’s development depends upon them and their attitudes. The school prepares citizens and leaders for the country by inculcating in our youth a sense of responsibility.
  • To bring Peace and happiness by making us conscious that in God’s all sufficing love there is no room for war and jealousy.
  • To prepare our youth to show a greater appreciation of Indian culture, familiarity with Indian languages, knowledge of Indian thought & philosophy and make contribution to it.